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Henson, Zeller To Return; Barnes Undecided


North Carolina forwards John Henson and Tyler Zeller will return to college and play basketball for the Tar Heels in 2011-12.

Henson, a sophomore from Tampa, Fla., and Zeller, a junior from Washington, Ind., were each second-team All-Atlantic Coast Conference selections in 2011.

Freshman forward Harrison Barnes is still reviewing information about the possibility of declaring for the NBA Draft.

"I want to come back to school next year because I enjoy all aspects of being a college student and I truly love being a Tar Heel," says Henson. "We had a fun and successful season, but we all want to improve on what we accomplished. I know at some point I want to play in the NBA, but right now I want to enjoy my college life. My teammates and coaches are great and I want to help them reach the big dreams we all share."

"I came to Carolina because it had the balance of academics and basketball I wanted and it was the best place for me to prepare for life and a career in the NBA," says Zeller. "That's exactly what we have here. I want to finish my college career, compete for championships and graduate on time. That means a lot to my family and me. Plus, I know I can get stronger and improve my all-around game with another year. We had a great season getting to the Elite Eight, but I would like a chance at going out with another title."

Roy Williams said Harrison Barnes was not as far in the process and wanted more information. Barnes stated the other day that he was looking at making a decision next week.

At any rate getting the two big men back is huge. Yes, it would be nice to have them all but if worse comes to worse and Barnes does leave, I think UNC is still a Final Four contender.