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Hubert Chooses UNC

New Jersey's Desmond Hubert, ranked by recruiting analyst Dave Telep as the best remaining center in the class of 2011, has chosen to attend UNC.

The 6-9 Hubert helps shore up the Heels inside in what was a thin area for the team in 2011. Big men Tyler Zeller and John Henson will return and McDonald's All-American power forward James McAdoo will join the post mix. The addition of Hubert will give UNC some needed size as the Heels were often forced to play the much smaller Justin Watts inside at points this season.

Hubert is Henson-eqsue in that he is long and thin, with all the positives and negatives that entails. Frankly it is hard to see Herbert getting a lot of time next year, given that Zeller and Henson are part of the best front line in the country and McAdoo has the potential to be very strong. But it is a key addition for the future and strengthens an area that had definite need.

Carolina now has a complete class for 2011 that includes, along with Herbert and McAdoo, a trio of North Carolinians: McDonald's All-American wing man P. J. Hairston, point guard Stillman White, and forward Jackson Simmons, who will walk-on.

The addition of Hubert moves UNC's class to 4th best in the country, according to Telep.