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NCAA Championship Open Thread

From Houston

NCAA Final: #3 UConn vs #8 Butler, 9:23 PM, CBS

Wait...9:23 PM? Why in the name of Dean Smith does this game start this late? I guess to capture the end of the game in primetime on the west coast. Midnight is pretty late to wait for One Shining Moment.

From the Tar Heel fan perspective there is a clear case to pull for Butler. If UConn wins, it will make Jim Calhoun a three time NCAA title winner and in the minds of most people put him ahead of Roy Williams. That will be true if you only consider national titles but Roy has been far more consistent over the course of 20-plus years than Calhoun which includes more NCAA Tournament appearances, Final Fours, wins and winning percentage in general. So for the sake of not having to have that argument, hope Butler wins and also because I think it will make for a nice story.

Comments if you have 'em.