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NCAA Final Four Open Thread

From Houston

National Semifinal #1: #8 Butler vs #11 VCU, 6:09 PM, CBS
National Semifinal #2: #3 UConn vs #4 Kentucky, 8:49 PM, CBS

For UNC fans there is a bit of a feeling that this could have been a national title the Heels could have "stolen" much the same way Duke did last season. And while we are thinking about what might have been, had UNC played UConn and Dexter Strickland held Kemba Walker in check we would start speaking his name in the same breath with Jackie Manuel. On the flip side, UNC's inexperience and inconsistent offense could have also made this a difficult proposition. It is interesting to think about but fortunately we can live with the season that was versus being riddled with regrets.

As for the games the first semifinal is the brilliant young coach game while the second is the match-up of coaches you wouldn't buy a car from. NC State fans waiting for VCU's Shaka Smart to finish his season so the can move along in their search for a head coach. For the record, I like Butler in this because I think you cannot say enough about experience, especially in the Final Four. The biggest of all stages in college basketball is a tough place to play. I get the feeling VCU's shooting won't be as good and neither will Kentucky's.

And yes UK going 5-23 from three versus UConn will probably piss me off.

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