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Rumors, Rumors Everywhere[UPDATED]

UPDATE: Via Jeff Goodman on Twitter.

Harrison Barnes and his mother, Shirley, both have told that a decision has not yet been made whether he will return to UNC.

Could be a denial when asked a direct question ahead of the announcement or it could be true.

Stay tuned.


Just one actually but it pertains to Harrison Barnes and it appears to be sprouting appendages at an alarming rate.

It comes via Marty Tirrell on his Twitter feed. Tirrell is a radio host in Des Moines, IA. According to the posters on IC, Tirrell said Barnes would come to UNC before the announcement. In that case I have no idea what Tirrell based that on so I am less willing to accept that as some sort of evidence he is correct here. At any rate here are the three tweets indicating Barnes is returning for his sophomore season.

Harrison Barnes to make it official Tuesday.... Back to Heels-

Harrison Barnes commits to "work left to be done" at NC Tells family and friends wants and feel Heels can move forward and " win a title "

Not going ... Fact

He's going back to Chapel Hill dude !

The first one came late Sunday afternoon and the follow-up to that was last night about the time Missouri's AD was committing career suicide. The last two are obviously responses to questions he is getting on whether his information was legitimate. Or as they say in poker going all in because if he is wrong, his credibility will be seriously damaged.

So, is it legitimate? I really have no idea or basis for confirming it. Since he is a notable member of the local media in Des Moines, IA it stands to reason he has contacts with the Barnes family and possibly have access to this type of information. On the flip side you have CBS Sports Jeff Borzello who says he spoke to Barnes and no decision has been made yet. In some ways the tweet from Borzello sounds like your basic non-committal denial as not to screw with the official announcement whether that be Tuesday or whenever. That is not to say Barnes has made a decision but if Borzello directly asked Barnes the only answer he could give is one that does not top his hand.

It also should be noted that the alleged "insiders" on the Inside Carolina message board are all posting information trending heavily in the direction of the Big Three returning.

Take it for what's worth, grain of salt, etc, etc, etc. You know the drill. Nothing is official until UNC says so.