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Ryan Houston To Have Surgery On Fractured Shoulder Blade

This kid cannot catch a break.

Ryan Houston sits out five games for the NCAA scandal, opts to sit the rest of the way and come back this season then on his second carry in the spring game fractures his shoulder blade.

Houston will have surgery on Thursday. No word yet on the expected recovery time. We are roughly 14-15 weeks from the beginning of August and training camp. You expect that would be plenty of time but they probably won't know for sure until the surgery is done. Houston had gotten his weight down into the 230s which Butch Davis was hoping will make him faster. The recovery will keep him from training normally until the injury s healed.

And yes, this is the same injury that sidelined Shaun Draughn at the end of the 2009 season and Johnny White broke his collar bone last year vs Florida St. Running back shoulder blade/clavicle fractures are to UNC football what foot/shin injuries are to UNC basketball.