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Still Three Hours Behind

I am still in California working crazy 12-15 hour days and feeling like I am completely out of it because I am three hours behind everyone at home. Of course the Diamond Heels played like they were three hours behind all weekend. UNC followed up the huge series win over Florida St. by getting swept in Raleigh for reas0ns that pass all understanding. Yes, that is as annoying as it sounds. Now the question is whether the run of prior to this weekend was just a fluke or the debacle at NCSU was just a bump in the road. Games versus the likes of Georgia Tech and Virginia in the coming weeks will bear that out.

Outside of that, we still wait for Harrison Barnes to make his decision. In the meantime, feel free to check out NBC Sports college basketball blogger Mike Miller's spotlight on Tar Heel Fan. Miller sent me a variety of questions over email covering a wide range of topics from UNC's 2011 season to blogging in general.