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Comings and Goings

Not at UNC but elsewhere in the world of college basketball and football.

  • NCSU head coach Tom O'Brien gave Russell Wilson his outright release so the All-ACC QB could pursue the possibility of playing football elsewhere. Since Wilson has already graduated from NCSU he can play anywhere right away in the same way Justin Knox did for UNC. O'Brien had made it clear that redshirt junior Mike Glennon was going to be the starting quarterback since Wilson was unable to participate in spring practice due to his commitment to the Colorado Rockies. Wilson however wanted to leave the door open for a possible return even saying he wanted to return. O'Brien decided that was not enough so he is moving on with Glennon. Logically speaking, O'Brien probably did the right thing my moving on with Glennon, especially since there was some fear Glennon was going to bail had Wilson returned which would have created a mess at QB for NCSU in 2012. On the emotional/fan side of it, O'Brien just told a QB who had carried the Wolfpack and beaten UNC three times he would not be given a shot next season. If Glennon is sub-par and NCSU loses to UNC then some quarters of the NCSU fan base is going to be highly entertaining to watch. At this point it looks like Wilson could end up in the SEC, possibly at South Carolina.
  • George Mason has found a replacement for Jim Larranaga who took the job at Miami. The Patriots hired....wait for it.....Paul Hewitt! Hewitt, recently fired by Georgia Tech will not only have his five year, $7.2 million buyout filling his bank account but also receive a paycheck from George Mason. In other words, Hewitt has the best. Agent. Ever. Actually the buyout enables GMU to pay Hewitt less than they might have but still, Hewitt is living the dream of receiving two paychecks for while only working one job. The question for our purposes here is whether UNC should get GMU on the schedule so Roy Williams can even up his career record versus Hewitt.
  • Raleigh, NC native and Louisville 2012 commit PG Rodney Purvis has re-opened his recruitment after UL lost assistant coach Tim Fuller to Missouri. While UNC is probably not in the running both Duke and NCSU will likely make a run at Purvis with the Wolfpack already being mentioned as a strong contender. UNC has a PG commit from Marcus Paige in 2012 and right now it is assumed Kendall Marshall will still be around. Plus, UNC's 2012 focus is really on big men so let this blurb serve as your notice not to complain two years from now that UNC should have recruited Purvis.