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Diamond Heels Get #3 National Seed

RPI baby!

In case you are wondering how UNC got such a high seed despite going 1-2 in the ACC Tournament is a #1 ranking in the RPI at the end of the regular season. Plus, who knows how much the committee took the ACC Tournament into consideration especially given what a mess it was after the rain blew the schedule up. In the end Virginia and Florida St. may have benefited but that is probably it.

Here is the full bracket for NCAA Tournament. Regional play will open this weekend at various campus sites.

As a national seed UNC has home field advantage all the way to Omaha providing they keep winning. The first order of business will be the Chapel Hill regional where UNC is seeded #1. The other teams in the regional include #2 Florida International, #3 James Madison and #4 Maine. The Heels will play Maine on Friday at 6:00 PM on Friday. In all likelihood Patrick Johnson will get the start versus the Black Bears giving UNC an excellent chance of starting the regional off with a win.

Not to put the cart before the horse but should UNC win the regional they would face the winner of the Cal State Fullerton regional which is made up of CSF, Illinois, Kansas St and Stanford.