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It's Thursday And You Know What That Means!

More potential bad news from the NCAA regarding the investigation into UNC football.


According to ESPN's Joe Schad an NCAA investigator interviewed UNC defensive end Quinton Coples this past week about a post-draft party he attended in Washington D.C. University directory of football communications Kevin Best confirmed that the NCAA was on campus Wednesday as part of the ongoing review of the football program.

The report says former Tar Heels Marvin Austin and Robert Quinn were in attendance as well. Coples is a 6' 6", 245 pound defensive end who is ranked as the No. 2 draft-eligible player in the nation for the 2012 NFL draft by ESPN's Mel Kiper.

The NCAA sent out a letter prior to the NFL draft warning players about attending draft parties and not accepting extra benefits or preferential treatment from anyone such as an agent or a runner.

You know it could turn out to be nothing right? Oh who am I kidding.

Actually it really could turn out Quinton Coples was at a party but did not take any extra benefits so no harm no foul. Or it could be Coples did violate NCAA rules and since UNC was already under the gun I don't want to even think about how that might be viewed by the infractions folks.

For now we wait and see but I think I speak for UNC fans everywhere when I say I am getting might sick of this.