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NCAA Finally Gets Around To Adding The Restricted Area Arc

It's only been recommended and it also comes two years after the rule governing secondary defenders under the basket was enacted. Behold the tortoise like fashion in which the NCAA moves.

The restricted arc, which must be clearly marked and discernable in the lane, would take effect in the 2011-12 season in all three divisions if it is approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel. That group, which considers all proposals from playing-rules committees, has a conference call on June 9. No rules proposals are final until the oversight panel approves them.

The idea of a restricted area arc has gathered momentum over the last few years and was thoroughly vetted at the rules committee meeting held Sunday through Wednesday in Indianapolis.

"We have been very deliberate with our research and consideration of this rule. We believe this is the natural progression from all the data and feedback we’ve received," said Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey, who chairs the committee. "A high percentage of coaches and administrators favored a visual mark on the floor. Our committee was unanimous in voting this into the game."

Gathered momentum? There was a 100 ton snowball rolling down the mountain when the original rule concerning secondary defenders under the basket was first suggested and enacted. Four year kids were waking their parents up in the middle of the night wondering how it was they understood a painted arc was needed but the NCAA didn't. In fact the NCAA acknowledged back then the arc was necessary but blamed their own bloated bureaucratic rules for not doing the sensible thing in the first place. Only the NCAA(and government) will do something halfway the first time and when they finally make it right it is because they did research or something. Whatever.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel has to give final approval which should come next month. Now that this is taken care of, maybe we can enact a rule that penalizes defenders who fall down with little or no contact.