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That's MISTER James Michael McAdoo To You

Or if you are a Duke player you may call him "Daddy"

Via Mike Decourcy.

It might seem like bad news for North Carolina fans that James McAdoo will not play basketball for the Tar Heels in the 2011-12 season. It's not. That's because James Michael McAdoo will be there.

McAdoo, a gifted 6-8, 215-pound combo forward from Norfolk, Va., asked North Carolina officials to make it known his full first name is James Michael -- his middle name is Ray -- and that he'd prefer to be known by that name.

So this isn't exactly like changing one's name to World B. Free.

McAdoo was given his name by his parents, Ronnie and Janet. They both played basketball at Old Dominion.

This is a rather odd request or rather not something you see everyday. I have seen it suggested that this is about marketing which might be true. It also may have something to do with truly distinguishing himself from the UNC football McAdoos, Jared and Michael who have had their share of troubles. Then again we are probably over-analyzing this and McAdoo simply wanted to use his given name taking the opportunity afforded by a fresh start at UNC to change his name.

The hardest hit by this change? Bloggers and writers more so for remembering the change than actually writing the extra name. Of course I never once added the II to Some Other Kid's name because I thought it was pretentious. Turns out I was right.