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NCAA Finally Ready to Deliver Notice of Allegations?

Greg Barnes of Inside Carolina reported early Saturday morning that UNC has received details regarding the impending notice of allegations from the NCAA and when the notice might be forthcoming.

Citing sources familiar with the investigation into the Tar Heel football program, Barnes reports that the NCAA has told UNC to expect the official notification on or around next Friday, June 10th.

Barnes also notes:

Multiple sources indicate that North Carolina is expecting the notice of allegations to highlight nine infractions, including failure to monitor charges in relation to former assistant coach John Blake, former tutor Jennifer Wiley and former player Chris Hawkins. North Carolina is expected to avoid a lack of institutional control charge.

Lack of institutional control centers on if there are adequate policies and procedures in place for an institution to comply with NCAA rules, and if those steps were being monitored and enforced by designated individuals at the time of a violation. A failure to monitor occurs when those policies and procedures are in place to comply with NCAA rules, but the institution failed to fully monitor specific areas of the program for limited periods of time.

Multiple sources indicate that UNC is likely to lose a minimal amount of scholarships and will be placed on probation for several years, while a forfeiture of wins is also a possibility. Restrictions on postseason play or television contracts are not expected. However, NCAA guidelines state that proposed penalties are not discussed until after the school responds to its notice of allegations.

The report also points out that "the NCAA enforcement staff indicated that a notice of allegations would be sent on at least two other occasions. Those timelines came and went without any findings being delivered", so a wait-and-see posture is probably called for here.

If the information in this report is accurate, ABCers everywhere will be losing their minds that UNC will apparently not be nailed with the scarlet letters LOIC, or lack of institutional control. I would imagine UNC's previously spotless NCAA compliance record goes a long way to avoiding LOIC. Compare this to the current situation at Ohio State, where new information shows that both the president and athletic director were aware of problems in the compliance department in addition to the fact the head coach lied to the NCAA and withheld information from his superiors. Big difference in that situation and the one at UNC.

This is not to mean that things are over by any point. UNC has 90 days to respond to the notice, and may request more time if they need it. A hearing would then be set with the NCAA's Committee on Infractions. However, if both sides are in agreement, a summary disposition could be held to expedite the process.

Still, it is a relief to feel that things are moving forward, and I'm sure Charles Robinson is more than willing to give UNC fans a big "I told you so."