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UNC Receives Notice Of Inquiry

About freaking time. All I know is Holden Thorp better not have tipped the delivery boy.

Tar Heel Blue has the full letter which you can read here.

First of all, this is the first official movement we have seen in the investigation of the program as a whole. Everything up to this point from the NCAA has involved dealing with individuals. The letter states the violations involve "primarily" the football program and they hope to have the investigation completed by June, 2011.

In other words this is a procedural step. The NCAA must first notify the school they plan to investigate them then after that is done the enforcement division delivers the notice of allegations which details the violations. Since the NCAA has been mucking around this thing for almost a year, this is a formality before moving to the next step. Call it an rather unfilling appetizer if you will.The real meat is when the NCAA finally reveals the allegations against UNC at which point you can get some idea where this is thing might be going in terms of penalties.

One question. Why is UNC just getting this letter now? The letter basically says the NCAA is going to do what they have been doing for eleven months. Why not drop it back in July when this all began? Why wait until now when the NCAA is only doing it because the procedures say they have to do it. Anyway I would assume the notice of allegations comes quickly but who knows given the way the NCAA operates.