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NCAA Clears Coples[UPDATED]

UPDATE: Via WTVD's Mark Armstrong, here is a statement from Coples' attorney Bob Orr on the NCAA's findings.

For the past 6 weeks, I have assisted UNC football player Quinton Coples and other individuals in responding to an inquiry by the NCAA staff pertaining to circumstances surrounding several parties that took place in early May of this year. These parties were at public facilities and took place over the course of three days in Washington, DC. Several former UNC football players were involved with promoting these so-called "draft parties".

Everyone fully cooperated with the NCAA staff in the interview process and in providing all records requested. At no time was there ever any allegation or intimation of a violation of NCAA By-laws. This process was simply the NCAA gathering information relevant to its responsibilities for monitoring student/athlete conduct as governed by the NCAA By-laws.
Yesterday, I was informed in a phone call from NCAA that the inquiry had been concluded after examination of all the records and information provided in the interview process. As such, the matter is closed.

Yes, to answer the question there were other current Tar Heels involved but they somehow escaped having their identities revealed.

It should also be pointed out that UNC can engage in as much oversight as they want. They can use sign-out sheets and question kids relentlessly about where they are spending their time. The best way to avoid NCAA violations is to have players make good choices. Even when they make an astoundingly bad one from a PR perspective, adhering to NCAA rules will ultimately salvage the situation.

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Sorry, I would had this up sooner but I passed out holding my breath waiting for Charles Robinson to illuminate us again on how Quinton Coples' party going makes things worse for

WRAL's Jeff Gravley has sources that say UNC will shortly announce Quinton Coples has been cleared of any wrongdoing stemming from the NFL Draft party he attended in Washington, DC two months ago. And yes someone having to be cleared of "wrongdoing" for attending a party probably sounded as stupid to you reading it as it did to me writing it.

Quinton Coples, a defensive end for the University of North Carolina, did nothing wrong in attending a party after the NFL Draft, the NCAA has decided.

After photos surfaced of Coples, one of the top prospects in next year's draft, celebrating with former teammates Marvin Austin and Robert Quinn on May 5 in Washington, D.C., the NCAA wanted to know how the rising senior paid for the trip.

Sources told WRAL News Tuesday that Coples provided proof to the NCAA that he covered all of his own expenses, and his eligibility is not in question.

The university is expected to release a statement on the situation.

For the record, this has been rumored for a couple of weeks now, going back to before the notice of allegations came out. Coples being cleared technically means UNC properly educated a player and he followed the rules set forth by the NCAA. At the same time Coples was also at a party he probably should not have attended because having your picture show up on the internet at said party can trigger an NCAA look-in. I guess we can call this one a tie, you know like in hockey where you still get a point in the standings.

The only question left concerns the vaunted "sign-out sheet" UNC is using to cover the collective rear ends of coaches track players' off campus activity. Did Coples sign out properly? Did he say where he was going? If so did an assistant coach sign off on it? If not what penalty will Coples pay for lying on the sheet? And did he sign his full name on the sheet or simply scribble QC? Or does it matter seeing Coples never actually did anything wrong?

The bottom line is this is great news. Coples situation is not another issue for the NCAA to ponder and we can all go back to worrying about October 28th and the Committee on Infractions.