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BREAKING: Butch Davis Has Been Fired[UPDATED]

UPDATE #2: Butch Davis has released a statement. Obviously he was surprised.

UPDATE: All indications are that Chancellor Holden Thorp pulled the trigger and was not pressured by the BOT. However the BOT turnover is important since it is clear Thorp possibly wanted to go there before now but did not have BOT support to do it. With the changeover I am guessing he had it. Add to that the Michael McAdoo plagiarism snafu and I guess Thorp was ready to pull the trigger.

UNC has a press conference scheduled for 11 AM on Thursday to explain all this. It should be the most interesting press conference to happen at UNC since the infamous three headed presser from last August.


According to multiple sources UNC has fired head football coach Butch Davis.

Inside Carolina initially broke the story saying that UNC officials refused to confirm or deny Davis was still the head coach following a meeting between chancellor Holden Thorp and the UNC Board of Trustees. A not so insignificant factor in this is the fact a new BOT took over today and without noted Davis supporter Bob Winston who rotated off with the expiration of his term.

Obviously there will be questions about the timing, what new information came to light and who knows what else. I don't think I would be understating it when I say I am not sure this could get any stranger.

More on this as UNC officially confirms the news.