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Butch Davis At Pigskin Preview

Butch Davis took part in the Triangle Pigskin Preview along with other local coaches. Afterwards Davis met with the media for the first time since the NCAA delivered the notice of allegations to UNC. Davis didn't have much to say about the investigation or the allegations other than saying UNC had done a "remarkable" job cooperating. The subject of the 216 phone records came up and Davis revealed he would be releasing those per the media's request with the expected redactions for family and some personal friends. Not that this will satisfy the masses who want it or worse will lead to crack investigators at Pack Pride randomly calling the numbers listed.

Davis said he did not know if the NCAA had seen the records but UNC's counsel had going back several months. I would think he would have been made aware had UNC decided to let the NCAA see the phone records but who knows how that all works. As I indicated in the post last night, had the NCAA asked and not been given the records it would have been a major problem. If UNC had the records it is reasonable to think they allowed the NCAA to take a peek given how much cooperation the Tar Heel administration has offered. Of course if UNC gave the phone records the same type of scrutiny Michael McAdoo's paper was given, there might be a few surprises to be had.

As for actual football, Davis hit on a little of that during the main event. Davis called the coming season a "transition year" with the strengths being in the offensive and defensive line. The concerns are who will be running behind Ryan Houston(who is almost fully recovered from shoulder surgery) and quarterback. Davis said Bryn Renner would be the starter and there were no alternatives. Yes, that sound you heard was the ego of the backup QBs on UNC's roster deflating. Oh and Davis said they "love" Casey Barth. Well who doesn't right?

It will be nice to get the focus back on football. I imagine there will be more questions about the NCAA issues at ACC Operation Kickoff and if UNC is smart they need to get the 216 phone records out there sooner rather than later. If UNC can bleed the NCAA questions from the media upfront there might be fewer going forward, especially if the information remains static.