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NC Pro Am Highlights

Video via Inside Carolina. Thanks to those guys for putting together the video and making it available for all to see.

Leslie McDonald and Dexter Strickland were joined by Rasheed Wallace on one end. On the other side former and current Duke players Nolan Smith, Ryan Kelly and Austin Rivers, who will be on the receiving end of hatred not directed at a Duke player since J.J. Reddick. Following the accounts on Twitter and the IC message board, Strickland and Rivers went to war and late in the game they were switched off guarding each other to prevent injury.

McDonald had a huge game knocking down jumpers and in one sequence(55 seconds in) breaks Nolan Smith's ankles on a crossover then pick his pocket on the other end. Strickland played well hitting some threes and showing his speed in the open court. The Heels won the game and McDonald/Strickland more than held their own versus Smith/Rivers.

The atmosphere was said to be electric inside the building illustrating just how hyped it is when UNC and Duke play each other regardless of the setting. It also showed(again) that hoops on Tobacco Road is king and there is nothing like it anywhere.