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NC Pro Am Highlights: P.J. Hairston

Via Inside Carolina. Thanks again to those guys from the video.

P.J. Hairston is #1 in a black jersey wearing the Carolina blue shorts. The highlight reel isn't much. Hairston doesn't do much long range shooting in this which is not surprising since summer league games tend to be more open court. Hairston showed a lot of athleticism in the first half but it the second he tries to do too much on a few dunks and misses them. Also note at the 1:50 mark he fouls Duke freshman Marshall Plumlee....hard and then doesn't help him up. Hmm...strong with this one the hate is.

It should be noted that assuming Hairston makes a smooth transition to the college game you are looking at a team that will trot out a starting lineup with a pass first PG, a lock down wing guard, a versatile wing forward who might be the best player in the country, a power forward who might be the most prolific shot blocker in UNC history and a solid center who runs the floor and has range all over the court. Then as Roy starts subbing players in you will see guys like Reggie Bullock, Leslie McDonald, James McAdoo and P.J. Hairston come in who can shoot, have size, are extremely athletic, etc, etc, etc. UNC has an extremely dynamic team with at least nine players who are bring different skills to the court and when combined could make them a really tough team to guard but will be a top ten defensive team in their own right. On top of that, with UNC's depth the Heels will run and run and run without much concern about fatigue.

It should be fun to watch.