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NCAA Takes Georgia Tech Behind The Woodshed

Heather Dinich hardest hit.

What's that? You didn't know Georgia Tech was under investigation? Yeah no one knew. In fact the timetable for Georgia Tech's brush with the NCAA went something like this.

Letter of inquiry: 9/13/2010
Notice of allegations: 12/11/2010
Committee on infractions hearing: 4/15/2011
Penalties announced: 7/14/2011

Every bit of this went completely unnoticed by the local media in Atlanta which means they don't care or the pro sports/SEC presence sucks all the oxygen out of the room. That and it is much easier ton conceal this kind of thing when the NCAA is looking into violations from the past versus UNC's situation where current players are involved. The real reason is that NCSU fans were too occupied with UNC's situation to delve into it.

Anyway, here is the basic gist of what the NCAA did to the Yellow Jackets and why via ESPN:

The NCAA's Committee on Infractions has placed Georgia Tech on four years' probation, vacated its 2009 ACC football championship game victory and placed limits on men's basketball scholarships after citing the school with rules violations, including failure to cooperate with its investigation.

"According to the committee, the university's failure to cooperate and meet the obligations of membership compounded the seriousness of the case by adding onto what was originally an isolated instance of impermissible benefits and preferential treatment," the NCAA said in a prepared statement.

There was also some issue with a youth basketball camp being held on campus which sucked the basketball program into the NCAA vortex as well. Paul Hewitt, the gift that keeps on giving. In addition to the other penalties the NCAA fined Georgia Tech $100,000 which I think is a more effective punishment than vacating wins. However giving up an ACC title hurts more so than a handful of wins.

What does this mean for UNC? Not much from where I sit because UNC has more major violations in play, the whole agent/runner/assistant coach aspect and the academic fraud. Mix in a little NCAA inconsistency and I have no idea what might happen. On the other hand, the NCAA beat the Georgia Tech's failure cooperate like a drum which might bode well for UNC given how much the Tar Heel administration has bent over for the NCAA in all of this.

One more thing, Georgia Tech is still paying Paul Hewitt seven million dollars to not be their coach after his program created troubles with the NCAA.

Worst. Contract. Ever.