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Well Since UNC Is Technically A Women's Soccer School

Freaking awesome.

Since no one knows when the referees will blow the whistle to end the game, this constitutes as close as you can get buzzer beater in soccer. The U.S. was on the brink of losing when Abby Wambach scored the game tying goal on a header. Team USA ultimately won the game on penalty kicks(5-3) This all followed one of the most appalling displays by a Brazilian player who, after a U.S. corner kick, stood in front of the goal, looked around then fell to the ground grabbing her back in an attempt to waste time. She was carted off on a stretcher, then hopped off it and returned to the game a minute later. Just for that alone Brazil deserved to lose in heartbreaking fashion.

Former Tar Heels Heather O'Reilly and Tobin Heath are on the team and saw action in this one.

Video hat tip: The Big Lead