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A Group Of Blue Zone Donors Retain Counsel

Thank you Fred Thompson, that about sums it up.

I suppose it is inevitable after the sheer tonnage of feces hitting an infinite number of fans in Chapel Hill, at some point the whole thing devolves into some type of pseudo civil war. The latest? A group of donors who contributed to the Blue Zone expansion at Kenan Stadium are exploring possible legal action against UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp for misrepresentation and fraud because he fired Butch Davis following a year of public support. To the get the ball rolling, the attorneys representing the donors, led by Don Brown, have filed public records request for Thorp's emails, including ones he already deleted. Who needs the media asking for this stuff when we have the fan base doing it for them? Oh and if you don't recognize the law firm bringing the suit that means you probably don't watch TV after 11:30 PM.

At this point what do we need ABCers for? Looks like we are hell bent on destroying ourselves without their help.