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My Post Vacation Catch-Up Post

What went on while I was at the beach just so I could use the same word twice in the title to mean two different things.

  • Someone at the N&O managed to obtain part of Marvin Austin's transcript which showed the now departed defensive linemen started his career off taking a 400 level class taught by the same African-American studies professor who missed Michael McAdoo's plagiarism. Anyone shocked? Anyone? Beuller? It has been clear for as long as this thing has been going on that this particularly professor was football player friendly courses which is not uncommon at most schools. It should shock no one that it also went on at UNC in some department, somewhere. In this case, the N&O tries to make something of the fact Austin started off with a 400 level class despite the fact over a thousand freshmen did the same. At any rate, I am not clear what Austin did matters at this point given he has been thoroughly punished and no longer part of the program. I do think you can legitimately ask a question as to why when faced with a professor who clearly allowed a plagiarized paper to slip by Holden Thorp decided to fire the football coach. Clarification: This is not to say firing Davis was the wrong move. Granted it was ill timed and poorly executed which ratcheted up the reaction from UNC fans but Thorp held Davis accountable as he should have. The question is at what point will Thorp hold this professor accountable for letting McAdoo's paper slide and for apparently being football player friendly to the point of potential malfeasance?
  • On the field UNC took a hit to an already thin secondary when CB Jabari Price was lost to a tendon injury in his hand which will require surgery. Price will miss six weeks and in the meantime Everett Withers made some changes to the personnel to compensate. One change was to move WR Todd Harrelson to the secondary. Not the kind of shuffling you want to see at one of the weakest areas on the team this close to the season opener.
  • Brandon Willis current college career path now look like this: Tennessee-UNC-UCLA-UNC-UCLA. Willis also has yet to play a snap of college football and has already switched schools four times. The latest is Willis has decided to transfer back to UCLA which I assume means he can play now since he already sat out a season there.
  • Former Tar Heel RB Johnny White was carted off the field after suffering an apparent neck/head injury during the Buffalo Bills' preseason game on Saturday night. Head coach Chan Gailey later indicated White was cleared by the doctors and traveled home from Denver with the team. White was drafted in the 5th round by the Bills.