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Vince Carter Donated How Much Money?

$2.5 million. That's Two. Point. Five. Million.

Former University of North Carolina All-America Vince Carter has made a $2.5 million donation to the Carolina Basketball Family Fund, head coach Roy Williams announced on Wednesday.

The gift is the largest to date to the Family Fund, which paid for the renovations of the basketball offices in the Smith Center in 2010 and will support the operating endowment for the men's basketball program for years to come.

Lettermen's Lane, the brick walkway between the Smith Center and the Koury Natatorium, will be named for Carter. This lane honors every varsity player, coach, trainer and manager in the history of Carolina basketball for the role they have played in over a century of the program's success.

"My days as a Carolina student, both pre-NBA and during the summers after I was drafted, will always be special to me," Carter says. "It goes without saying that I am a Tar Heel. For several years, I have been thinking about something I could do to leave a legacy at UNC. Lettermen's Lane is a perfect fit."

This is a rather stark reminder of which side the bread is buttered on in Chapel Hill. Please don't misunderstand me on this point. I want football to be successful at UNC. Having both football and basketball as elite program is good for everyone who loves the Tar Heels. However when you think about the turmoil of the last two weeks, especially on the financial side with Butch Davis' buyout and fully funding the Blue Zone. Then along comes Vince Carter to drop a Brinks truck in Roy Williams lap for basketball. Everyone is sitting around talking about UNC paying out $2.7 million to Butch Davis and Carter donates almost that amount to the basketball program just because he felt like it. Again this is not to denigrate football or saying football should be second class to basketball. This is a simple reminder of the kind of resources UNC basketball can avail itself of which will continue to be the case as long as NBA players keep coming out of Chapel Hill.

In honor of Carter's rather generous gift, here is video of his top 40 dunks at UNC. Every single one of them are simply jaw dropping.