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Breaking: UNC Releases NCAA Response

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UNC has released its response to the NCAA's notice of allegations bringing us a step closer to this thing being over. Included in the response are self-imposed sanctions which include vacating the 2008 and 2009 seasons, two years probation and a reduction of three football scholarships for three years. UNC also agrees to pay a $50,000 fine.

As I noted yesterday, this is essentially the starting point of a negotiation. UNC is trying to hit the "price point" below what they think the NCAA is going to do much like saying you will pay $55 for something but knowing the seller is going to come back with $60. This is the same deal. UNC knows the NCAA is probably going to strip more scholarships and add another year probation. The vacated wins were a foregone conclusion considering the use of ineligible players through both 2008 and 2009 so UNC went ahead and took care of that in the self-imposed sanctions. The NCAA is going to levy penalties itself. There was no way they would simply accept what UNC self-imposes and be done with it. UNC left the NCAA some room to add some penalties but also argues there is an element of "time served" given the player suspensions of last season.

Check back later for more analysis once we have had a chance to read the response in full.