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Eric Hyman Staying at South Carolina

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Well that didn't take long.

A day after news broke that South Carolina AD Eric Hyman was UNC's top choice to replace Dick Baddour with the words "mutual interest" being batted around, Hyman has now stated he wants to stay in Columbia.

South Carolina Athletics Director Eric Hyman issued a statement Wednesday night that suggests he isn't going anywhere.

"I am honored to be considered by my alma mater, North Carolina, but my work here has not been finished and I love being a Gamecock," he said in the statement.

We have no way of confirming if the South Carolina notice of allegations had any impact on this but it would not surprise me. Granted South Carolina's troubles with the NCAA were known but like in UNC's case, the notice of allegations really solidifies the violations in the view of the public. With those allegations coming out the same day UNC was responding to their own NOA, it did set up a weird situation where UNC was considering bringing an AD from a school under the NCAA gun on the heels of their own NCAA troubles. While I think it could have been maneuvered around from a PR standpoint, Hyman would have also been seen as abandoning the Gamecocks at the worst possible time. That sort of thing might end up playing worse than the NCAA angle.

When you consider that aspect of it, Hyman probably made the right choice.