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Injury Report: ECU


PK Casey Barth: Thigh

OT Kiaro Holts: Wrist

FB Devon Ramsay: Knee


WR Josh Adams: Illness

RB Matt Kolojejchick: Thigh

SS Jonathan Smith: Ankle


OT T.J, Leifheit: Ankle

LB Ebele Okakpu: Ankle

CB Terry Shankle: Knee


WR Erik Highsmith: Ankle

CB Jabari Price: Finger

The long awaited return of CB Jabari Price to the lineup is upon us but it would not surprise me to see him play limited time. There is no way of knowing how much impact Price can have on the play of the secondary. I doubt it will be a huge impact but with SS Jonathan Smith possible out, any boost Price can provide would be helpful.

Kicker Casey Barth is still out nursing a thigh/groin injury. Barth is going to be effectively shutdown until they know for sure he is ready.

WR Erik Highsmith is probable which makes Dwight Jones happy since it absorbs some of the attention Jones attracts. Not that UNC will be passing as much given ECU's rushing defense ranking and the fact Gio Bernard continues to be freaking awesome.