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Injury Report: Georgia Tech

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PK Casey Barth: Thigh

FB Devon Ramsay: Knee


WR Josh Adams: Illness

RB Matt Kolojejchick: Thigh

CB Jabari Price: Finger


WR Erik Highsmith: Ankle

OT T.J. Leifheit: Ankle

CB Terry Shankle: Knee

The big blow on the list here is Casey Barth who had been nursing a quadriceps pull which apparently got worse last week against Virginia. Not to fear, backup kicker Thomas Moore supposedly has a 57 yard plus range. It will be interesting to see if that is true.

CB Jabari Price was cleared for full practice but Everett Withers has not decided whether Price will play versus Georgia Tech which would be a week ahead of schedule. Given how much UNC has struggled against the pass, the Heels could use another talented play in the defensive backfield.