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Injury Report: James Madison

As I noted in a previous post, UNC looks to be in very good shape where the health of the team is concerned.


DB Jabari Price: Finger

DB Sam Smiley: Finger


WR Joshua Adams: Illness

OL T.J. Leifheit: Ankle


LB P.J. Clyburn: Foot


PK Casey Barth: Thigh

The two names that stick out here as being real concerns are Joshua Adams and Casey Barth. Everett Withers said they would be looking to give Barth a little help in the kicking game because he had a sore thigh. I am taking that to mean someone besides Barth will probably handle kickoffs. Barth is a major piece to UNC's offensive puzzle mainly because the John Shoop offense has a maddening tendency to stall in the red zone leading to field goals. Adams' situation is murky. I have seen only passing references to his situation but it appears Adams has been battling some kind of kidney problem and issues with his autoimmune system. His return to full action has been gradual.

The only other notable is T.J. Leifheit who is listed as doubtful for an ankle injury.