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NCAA Investigators Back In Chapel Hill

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They were really craving some Sutton's....I hope.

About midway through the afternoon WCHL tweeted there were "unconfirmed reports" concerning NCAA investigators being back in Chapel Hill. This of course spiraled out of control as it is wont to do on Twitter until someone in a official capacity is forced to actually comment on it which came in the form of football spokesman Kevin Best:

The NCAA was in Chapel Hill today conducting follow up work related to the investigation.

Follow-up to what you may ask? Well no one knows but as always we have speculation coming out the wazoo.

One possibility is that this related to Carl Carey, former agent for Robert Quinn and Quan Sturdivant, having spent some time this summer teaching a class at UNC. Quinn's name has been tossed around and for some reason he is a healthy inactive for the St. Louis Rams which probably has nothing to do with this business but could be related to the fact Carey is suing him. Then there is Julius Nyang'oro, former head of the African-American Studies department at UNC whose connection to the football scandal has reached a rather uncomfortable level. Could the NCAA be looking into Nyang'oro's classes to ensure he wasn't giving athletes a free pass? This also might we all be making too much of this considering the NCAA has likely made multiple visits to UNC over the past year plus. UNC's response to the notice of allegations is due in a few days so this could very well be part of that.

We don't know and while the NCAA simply showing up, poking around in areas that maybe they were interested in before is as scary as it sounds, I am going to wait until something substantive on the public record happens before freaking out too much.