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Thursday News and Notes

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We've got links and stuff.

  • Interim head coach Everett Withers had his second radio show on Wednesday night and the first caller was....Roy Williams? Here is what he had to say:

    "I told the young lady not to tell you guys who it was. I was just calling in to say, Coach, that was a fantastic game on Saturday. I loved it. You looked awfully comfortable down there roaming the sidelines. It was the start of something that I hope is really going to be big for us [and] for you. I just thought it was a fantastic opener and my guess is you’ve worked on some things this week to be even better. But I was just calling to say congratulations."

    Two things. The first is the irony of Roy calling into Withers' radio show when the disdain he has for his own show is readily evident. Roy should have gone whole hog and asked Withers why he doesn't blitzed more or something. Secondly, there was plenty of thread space burned on IC last night trying to interpret if this was some kind of political ploy by Roy to annoy the Chancellor boy. Wow...that was awful. Anyway, the discussion centers on whether there are larger implications here both in terms of intent and impact. I am going to guess "probably not" on both accounts. Roy called because his support for all the athletic teams at UNC is legendary. I also doubt the football hire is going to hinge greatly on what Roy Williams thinks though the firing of a football coach who was friends with Roy at Kansas set the wheels in motion which landed him in Chapel Hill. Still this was a simple act of support. Yes it carries weight with fans but the process of hiring a new coach will be likely be unaffected by it.

  • UNC has requested Michael McAdoo's lawsuit naming the school and the NCAA be dismissed. Meanwhile McAdoo spoke with The Insiders on 620 The Buzz this morning saying he "did nothing wrong" and felt everyone had been "done wrong." That apparently includes former assistant coach John Blake. I am not going to put much stock in this. McAdoo is a college kid who has been through a whirlwind of events and uncertainty. While I maintain McAdoo did get screwed by being declared permanently ineligible, he still did break rules and was owed some punishment for that. In the case of Blake, that cannot be said and I am going to view McAdoo's statement regarding him as springing from the familial loyalty players feel towards their coaches. And the sooner we stop getting this kind of noise on the periphery the happier I will be.
  • Former UNC head coach John Bunting said he "hurts" for his alma mater and thinks Withers should get a shot at the job so he can clean up the mess. Okay John, don't know what we would have done without knowing your opinion on the matter.
  • IC's Greg Barnes has an outstanding piece on walk-on LB Tommy Heffernan who struggled to return to football after losing his best friend in an automobile accident. Heffernan went into a deep depression after his friend's death and only a return to Chapel Hill from his hometown in Miami and the UNC family helped him to overcome it.
  • Oh and Some Other Kid's mother might end up on the incredibly awful reality show Basketball Wives. Words cannot describe how glad I am that family is UCLA's problem now.