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Tuesday News and Notes

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Since UNC released its response to the NCAA on Monday, no one really paid attention to anything else that went on. There were however a handful of UNC related items that we will throw out there a day late.

  • Safety Matt Merletti was named ACC Defensive Back of the Week for his two INT performance against Virginia on Saturday. Merletti also had seven tackles. These awards are interesting because I think the general consensus on Merletti's performance at safety has not necessarily been a good one much like the opinion of the secondary as a whole. However two INTs in one game is nothing to sneeze at so there you go.
  • Casey Barth is likely out of this week's game versus Georgia Tech nursing a groin pull. Barth was already dealing with a quadriceps strain which kept him from kickoff duty. According to interim coach Everett Withers the thinking is to sit Barth now and get him healthy for a return later in the season.
  • UNC has decided to change the center court logo in the Dean Smith Center to the one from years prior to last season. Last season the logo was changed and there were a fair amount of complaints that it looked off centered. Those complaints were taken into consideration and the old logo is back. This is one of those situations that seemingly only comes up in college sports where long traditions really matter and changing something like the center court logo bugs people.
  • NFL news: Da'Norris Searcy snagged the game winning INT for Buffalo on Sunday. Hakeem Nicks was making ridiculous catches last night on Monday Night Football for the New York Giants. In that same game Robert Quinn crushed Giants QB Eli Manning on a sack. Quinn came off the end unmolested and wrapped Manning up.