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Withers To Faculty: You Let Me Know If My Football Players Are Copying and Pasting Papers

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Okay, he didn't say that.

Everett Withers did send a letter to the faculty letting them know what he was all about and asking them to communicate with him if "any"(emphasis Withers') football player cause an issue.Probably the more interesting aspect of the letter was not asking faculty to report any problems with players but Wither laying out what he emphasizes on the recruiting trail(via WRAL):

We are committed to a recruiting process to find young men who possess a desire to achieve success not only on the football field, but in the classroom, and in the Carolina Community. We talk a lot in Kenan Football Center about three distinct areas to promote in recruiting:

1. The top-notch academic reputation of UNC

2. Athletics at UNC; 28 sports playing at a high-level,including championship football!

3. The great social experience on campus and in the surrounding community

These three points are referenced consistently in recruiting young men that want a great education and an opportunity to play exciting, championship football in a terrific social setting.

In this regard Withers gets it. Building a clean program starts and ends with establishing the proper values and instilling them in the players. It is much easier to do that if you recruit players who buy into those values during the recruiting process. That does not mean every player you bring in has to be perfect nor does it account for the fact even good kids make mistakes(i.e. Robert Quinn.) Overall the better all-around player you bring in the better off the program is and that seem to be what Withers is shooting for here.

Obviously this can be filed under "saying and doing the right things" for Withers, who has aspirations to getting the "interim" tag removed from his job title. Hopefully this is not mere window dressing but this kind of thinking is actually being practiced.