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Basketball News and Notes

Priming the pump.

  • Inside Carolina with an excerpt of an interview with Roy Williams. I imagine all the good stuff is in the full interview which appears in the Inside Carolina magazine. Still, Roy does draw some comparisons between the 2009 team and this one as it pertains to players being focused on the team goal.
  • Speaking of 2009-2012 comparisons. Gary Parrish decides to go there, before a single game is played, which is both puzzling and somewhat pointless. Oh and Parrish is wrong because for all the talent I think UNC has in 2012, the 2009 team had established three point shooting, a reigning national of the year and arguably one of the best point guards in UNC history. Which is not to say the 2012 team can't surpass 2009 or 2005 as Roy's best team at UNC, I simply need to see certain things before I will go there.
  • Echoing something Roy said in his IC interview, Adam Lucas declares that Reggie Bullock is indeed back. Both current Heels and former ones are talking about how impressive Bullock has looked during the summer. Exciting news to say the least if it translate once the season starts.
  • This is a week old but Ken Pomeroy delves into the question of whether John Henson's FT shooting can significantly improve from last season based on the rather notable improvement midway through the season. Pomeroy concludes Henson's FT shooting will likely be in the 50-60% range with a possible run over 60% late in the season. If Henson can get over 60% it would make him less of an end of game liability.