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Injury Report: Clemson

Oh the humanity!


OK Casey Barth: Thigh

FB Curtis Byrd: Knee

OT Kiaro Holts: Wrist

FB Devon Ramsay: Knee


OT T.J. Leifheit: Ankle


TB Giovanni Bernard: Hip

TB A.J. Blue: Ankle

WR Erik Highsmith: Ankle

C Cam Holland: Back

S Jonathan Smith: Ankle

The first thing that jumps out at your is FB Curtis Byrd is listed as out for this game right beside UNC other FB Devon Ramsay who is done for the season. That means a filing cabinet containing Butch Davis' 216 phone records will start at FB. Actually it might be Christian Wilson or A.J. Blue or Reggie Wilkins. Heck, maybe Ryan Houston could do it. It's not like he is doing anything else.

Gio Bernard shows up on the list with a hip issues. Given he has to make his own holes when running between the tackles I am shocked this is the only injury he has suffered. LB Kevin Reddick is not listed which is good news and while WR Erik Highsmith keeps showing up here, his play on the field does not indicate he is hurt in any way.