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Injury Report: Louisville

The list is getting a bit on the long side. Not NC State long but a tad lengthy nonetheless.


PK Casey Barth: Thigh

OT Kiaro Holts: Wrist

FB Devon Ramsay: Knee


WR Josh Adams: Illness

RB Matt Kolojejchick: Thigh

LB Norkeithus Otis: Foot


RB A.J. Blue: Ankle

OC Cam Holland: Back

OT T.J. Leifheit: Ankle

LB Ebele Okakpu: Ankle

LB Kevin Reddick: Ankle

CB Terry Shankle: Knee

SS Jonathan Smith: Ankle

The good news is the bulk of the list lies in the "questionable" category. Based on that and what Everett Withers has said when asked about injuries tells me UNC is being cautious with injured players to ensure they are available later. That is certainly the case for Kevin Reddick and A.J. Blue. Cam Holland has experienced some back issue which means we might see more of redshirt freshman Russell Bodine at center. Bodine played a significant number of plays versus ECU and Withers commented yesterday he thought there was not much difference between Holland and Bodine outside of experience. At this point in the season and facing an opponent against which UNC is a 14 point favorite, it would not surprise me to see some limitation to how much key personnel play this week. Not to disrespect the Cardinals but this is a game UNC should win with some ease. If the Heels can establish control over the game from the start it will afford the opportunity to rest some players. UNC does not get a bye week until November 12th which is a fairly long haul to deal with the nagging injuries.

Speaking of nagging injuries, I am beginning to wonder at what point someone puts a redshirt on Joshua Adams. This will be the sixth game of the season and Adams has yet to see the field. UNC has enough depth at WR that his presence is not nearly as important as it may be next year. Adams is only a sophomore and since he has missed half the season already Withers probably ought to shut him down to preserve three more years of eligibility.

One other note of the non-injury news variety. The much talked about move of Tre Boston back to safety in favor of Jabari Price at cornerback has indeed been confirmed by Withers. Boston apparently gained 15 pounds in the offseason in preparation to play safety which would explain why his speed is not up to snuff for covering receivers at corner. According to Withers, safety is a more natural fit for Boston and Price should be fine at corner opposite Charles Brown. I am not pinning too many hopes on this move resulting in a dramatic improvement in the performance of the secondary. I do think it will help but when you are the 94th pass defense in the country, there is really nowhere to go but up.