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Merletti Out For The Season

Wilf was right. We needed a picture of a bigger explosion.

Per local media on Twitter. UNC fifth year senior safety Matt Merletti is out for the season with a sprain of his ACL and MCL ligaments. The injury occurred during the Clemson game when Merletti had his leg caught under Charles Brown on a kick return(hat tip: @jjones) and did something it was not designed to do hence the knee injury.

Merletti was third on the team in tackles with 36 and led the team with his two interceptions from the UVa game. He was also a senior leader and one of the hardest working players on the team. With all the troubles UNC has had defending the pass, losing another player in defensive backfield is not going to make things any better.

Since Merletti is in his fifth season, this spells the end of his UNC career during which he had 88 tackles, 4 INTs and a fumble recovery for a TD in 44 games playing on special teams and in the secondary. Best wishes to him in his recovery.