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Thorpe Named ACC Specialist of the Week; Withers Skipping COI

See, it wasn't all bad on Saturday.

SPECIALIST – T.J. Thorpe, North Carolina, WR, Fr., 6-0, 190, Durham, N.C. Freshman T.J. Thorpe returned a third quarter kickoff 100 yards for a touchdown, just the second 100-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in school history, the other coming by Tyrell Godwin at Stanford in 1998. Thorpe becomes just the 15th player in ACC history to return a kick 100 yards, and he finished with 182 yards on four returns, two yards shy of the single-game school record. Thorpe leads the ACC and stands 15th in the country in kickoff return average.

That last line makes you wonder why Charles Brown was even returning kicks at all. Apparently the Thorpe fumble versus Miami caused Everett Withers to change up the return game a little until Brown also fumbled a kickoff as a part of the 3rd quarter meltdown versus Clemson. Thorpe takes the next kickoff 100 yards for a TD and ACC weekly award glory. Having watched Thorpe all season, I was wondering when he would pull one of these off. It would be nice to see him do it again since he has the speed to do so.

In other news, UNC has decided that Everett Withers will not attend the Committee on Infractions hearing this Friday as previously announced. There was something about Withers insisting they sit 8-10 yards from the committee members to ensure they covered the room.

Hey-O! UNC secondary jokes, I've got a million of 'em.

As it turns out, Withers input is simply irrelevant. The committee usually asks for the football coach to attend assuming said coach was the one in charge when the violations occurred. Withers wasn't and since he was only the defensive coordinator during the period in question there is probably not much he can answer about the allegations. I don't think this means anything as it pertains to Withers future though one would think if there were serious designs on him staying on permanently he would attend. At least this way, the routine for the team won't be hosed, they need all the help they can get at this point.