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Thursday News and Notes

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Items of interest.

  • Inside Carolina has your primer for the Committee on Infractions hearing which will happen on Friday. It is an extensive piece covering how the committee works and what UNC can reasonably expect. As noted previously, John Blake will be on hand to defend his good name or rather what's left of it. Everett Withers will not attend nor will Jennifer Wiley who really, really can't wait for all of this to go away so she can quit seeing her name mentioned in the news so much. Representing UNC will be Chancellor Holden Thorp, AD Dick Baddour, Associate Athletics Director of Compliance Amy Herman and faculty representative Lissa Broome. The hearing is intended to only take a few hours but with Blake being present who knows. When USC went before the COI over the Reggie Bush allegations it took three days.
  • UNC has announced the transition timetable from Bubba Cunningham to Dick Baddour. Bubba will be in Chapel Hill on November 10th, a few days before his official start date, in an effort to get his office organized and learn where the copy paper is stored. Baddour will leave with the basketball team on November 9th for the Carrier Classic in San Diego with his last day being November 13th. Bubba will officially take over on November 14th however it is safe to assume he is in frequent contact with Baddour and well aware of the goings on at UNC.
  • Speaking of the Carrier Classic, UNC released pictures of the camouflage uniforms the Heels will be wearing. I am not a fan. They look like pajamas to me. However this is a game for the service men and women in our military so its all good.
  • UNC will play UNC-Pembroke on Friday night in an exhibition game. You can view the game online at Carolina All-Access for a nominal fee of around $10. I will be providing a full game wrap-up afterwards.