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UNC Extends Contracts for Roy, Hatchell & Fox to 2018

UNC has announced contract extensions for men's basketball coach Roy Williams, women's basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell and baseball coach Mike Fox to 2018. UNC's official site has the full details. The basics are Fox will see a steady increase in salary from $180,000 to $260,000 in 2015. Hatchell makes a base income of $360,000 with a supplemental income of $70-$130K. Roy has a base income of $325,000 with a supplemental income ranging from $1.35 to $1.65 million per year. Essentially Roy is probably making about $2 million per year from UNC which does not include additional income he receives from Nike. That exact figure is not known but in the past I have seen it placed at around $500K.

If you are keeping track at home, Roy is presently 61 years old and Hatchell is 59. It is possible this contract extension is the last for both of them at UNC since they would be 68 and 66 respectively when 2018 gets here. Not that it matters, both of these have de facto lifetime contracts barring something unforeseen happening. Fox, a UNC alum, likewise will have the job as Tar Heel baseball coach as long as he wants it and the team performs at relatively the same level it has. No, Fox isn't going to be fired for not winning the College World Series or for making 10 pitching changes in one inning.

The other important aspect of getting these extensions completed and announced now is it clears them off the "to do" list of the incoming athletic director. When/if Lawrence "Bubba" Cunningham takes the reigns of the athletic department in a few weeks, the focus will be on NCAA aftermath and addressing the football coaching job. In order to effectively deal with hiring a football coach, it helps to have the salaries for the other major coaches taken care of over the long term so you can set the salary range for the next football coach or perhaps the one who is already there. At the same time Bubba can focus on the hot issues out of the gate without dealing with these particular items.