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UNC Schedules Emergency BOT Meeting & 11 AM Presser

No, they are not firing Holden Thorp so put your pants back on.


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Board of Trustees have called an emergency meeting via conference call Friday morning at 9 a.m.

The call is "to discuss a personnel matter" according to a press release distributed Thursday afternoon.

A news conference is expected to follow the meeting at 11 a.m.

According to the release, a portion of the meeting will be closed door.

Lawerence "Bubba" Cunningham's name has been uttered in more UNC circles this week than ever before as rumors of the school's interest in him to replace Dick Bddour as director of athletics have surfaced.

On Thursday, Cunningham missed his monthly media luncheon, "Brunch with Bubba" according to the Tulsa World.

Obviously UNC will officially announce what has been rumored on Inside Carolina since Monday that Lawrence "Bubba" Cunningham will be named athletic director. The word was last night Bubba was in Chapel Hill and since he missed his monthly brunch with the local media in Tulsa this looks like a go. That is unless Wade Hargrove media masters dictate otherwise. /eddylandreth'd