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Yes, This Carrier Classic Thing Is Actually Happening

Getty Images

I'd figure I'd start your morning off with one of the shoot-around photos from yesterday's warm-ups on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson. And something to worry you just a bit as you go about your day – teams often stumble in the NCAA tournament when they reached the domed football stadiums. This is usually due to poor distance shooting because their depth perception is thrown akimbo (see UNC in 1995 and 1997) . So what are the outside shooting performances going to be like on a frickin' boat?

Also, if you're curious, because I was: Carl Vinson was a congressman from Georgia, head of first the House Naval Affairs Committee and later the House Arms Services Committee. He authored big expansions of naval power in the years before World War II, hence the ship-naming. Which occurred in 1980, by the way, when he was still alive at 96. He was also a strict segregationist, at least in the fifties. You stay classy, Georgia.