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Frasor, Manuel to Join UNC Basketball Support Staff

Now that's what I call a temp job.

Bobby Frasor and Jackie Manuel, who each played on national championship teams at UNC for Roy Williams, have joined the Carolina basketball support staff. Frasor will be an assistant video coordinator, and Manuel will be an assistant strength and conditioning coach.

Both jobs are temporary appointments and will last through May 15th.

Video coordinator and strength and conditioning positions are a primary way young guys like Frasor and Manuel break into college coaching. Doing it at your alma mater in a season in which the team could win a national championship is even better. Frasor, the son of a coach, and Manuel, known as a defensive stopper, are two Tar Heels you figure would go into coaching.

My only hope is that, now that he works in an official capacity at UNC, Frasor will not stop his clever tweeting from his @BFrasor account.