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I Have Returned From My Pilgrimage To See A Mouse

Fortunately for me the park wasn't closed when I got there. A couple of observations about Disney. First of all, they keep referring to the castle as Cinderella's. Doesn't it actually belong to the prince? I mean did he put her on the deed when they got married? Did she have to sign a pre-nup? Secondly, I think Disney might be full of crap with this "Dreams Come True" stuff. I kept dreaming I would return to our room and find $10 million in cash there and it never freaking happened.

For the superstitious among us I would like to point out the last time I took the family to Disney was in late November 2008. That week UNC played Michigan St. and UNC Asheville. This past week I went to Disney and UNC played Michigan St. and UNC Asheville. That can only mean UNC is winning the national title. Glad to know UNC's title hopes hinge on my vacation plans.

Anyway, a big thank you to Doc and C.Michael for holding down the fort. Three years ago it was a week long open thread. Now, with their help the blog doesn't skip a beat.

So anything good happen while I was gone?