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Injury Report: Duke


PK Casey Barth: Thigh

LB Fabby Desir: Thigh

OT TJ Leifheit: Ankle

FS Matt Merletti: Knee

LB Norkeithus Otis: Thigh

FB Devon Ramsay: Knee

RB Travis Riley: Knee


WR Joshua Adams: Illness

LB Tommy Heffernan: Knee

WR Reggie Wilkins: Ankle

RB Gio Bernard is not listed and has been cleared to play after suffering a mild concussion versus Virginia Tech. Obviously the extra two days netted from playing a Thursday night game helped with any nagging injuries. While UNC is a 13 point favorite versus Duke, nothing can be taken for granted given how poorly UNC has played in the back half of the season. For my money, I would love to see Gio Bernard go for a big game versus Duke.