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Injury Report: NC State

All hands on deck!


PK Casey Barth: Thigh

OT T.J. Leifheit: Ankle

FS Matt Merletti: Knee

LB Norkeithus Otis: Thigh

FB Devon Ramsay: Knee

WR Reggie Wilkins: Ankle


SS D.J. Bunn: Knee

WR Mark McNeill: Hip

That is about as short and favorable an injury report you could ask for in early November especially considering UNC's bye week is next weekend. Over two straight months of games is a long haul and it appears UNC has endured it quite well from an injury standpoint. It will be all hands on deck for the NC State game with the absence of Casey Barth being the only one the Heels could really use.

Also, a brief glance at the NC State injury report reveals Tom O'Brien is probable with hurt feelings.