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What Happens in Bur-Vegas May Make Dwight Jones Ineligible for the Bowl Game

If the year-plus parade of indignities on UNC's football program wasn't enough for you, we've got one more: Carolina has preemptively named Dwight Jones ineligible for next Monday's bowl game after a Burlington club used his name and image to promote a New Year's Eve party. Here's the flyer, which just screams something a college athlete shouldn't do:


Those of you in Burlington frantically changing your plans in the hopes of being one of Jones' "lucky ladies," don't bother. The party has been cancelled, and UNC has already begun the process to try to get him reinstated by the NCAA. They hope to hear back before Thursday, when the team leaves for Shreveport. A similar incident in Florida didn't seem to effect the eligibility of Sammy Watkins or Brodrick Jenkins, but both claimed not to be aware they were being used to publicize the party. There's been no such denial from Jones.

Of course, after the bowl game Jones will have exhausted his college eligibility anyway, which makes this particularly frustrating. Or, as Inside Carolina put it: "Remember kids, only the non-profit NCAA can use your image and likeness for profit."

Me, I'm off to check my books on etiquette to determine exactly what "sexxxy casual" is. Black tie with assless chaps? Shirtless with a cummerbund? I'm so confused.