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Hairston Injures Wrist[UPDATED]

UPDATE: X-rays on the wrist were negative. UNC is withholding Hairston's official status pending additional tests.

UNC freshman guard P.J. Hairston left the game versus Wisconsin on Wednesday night with an apparent wrist injury and did not return. UNC said there would be x-rays to determine the extent of the injury. According to P.J. Hairston on his Twitter account there is no fracture but he would not be playing on Saturday versus Kentucky.

#tarheelnation dont worry about anything, i'll be fine. Not a fracture or broken, I'll be back ripping the net soon.

thanks to everyone that was concerned!

Sorry to say but i will not be playing Saturday!

No official word from UNC yet on Hairston's injury and it is not clear if he has had x-rays done yet or not. I think he has since he is proclaiming with certainty there is no fracture. Absent a fracture this is probably a sprain and not uncommon in basketball given how often players fall or get knocked down and put a hand down to try and control their landing.

Losing Hairston for the UK game hurts since it takes away a perimeter shooter and puts a ton of pressure on both Reggie Bullock and Harrison Banres to hit more outside shots. It also means Kendall Marshall really needs to step up his perimeter game and not just because Hairston is out. If Marshall can show the ability to hit a consistent three(which he did last season) it will open up the halfcourt offense even more.

Looking beyond Kentucky, there should be opportunity to allow Hairston to get healthy with only two opponents that could give the Heels trouble: Long Beach St. on December 10th and Texas on the 21st.