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Hairston Questionable For Kentucky

UNC has officially released information on the status of freshman guard P.J. Hairston for Saturday's game versus Kentucky. Hairston has been diagnosed with a sprain of his left wrist(non-shooting hand) and a bone bruise. The x-rays taken earlier in the day were negative.

Earlier today, Hairston tweeted the wrist was not broken and he would not play on Saturday. It is unclear, at this point, why Hairston thought that would be the case, especially since the injury was to his non-shooting hand. Depending on how stiff the wrist is and the pain level I would think Hairston could play with the injury since it would not impact his shooting. Then again, there is absolutely no reason to rush Hairston back when you take the full season into account. Since UNC really needs perimeter shooters, if there is no danger of the injury getting worse then Hairston should play.