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Rumors Abound That UNC Is Buying A Hat Company...I Mean Hiring Larry Fedora

Let me stress this is all rumor and speculation at this point with some strong indications based on information on Inside Carolina Premium that this could be happening.

The rumor currently making the rounds is Southern Miss head coach will accept UNC's offer to become the next Tar Heel head coach. Former Tar Heel player Mark Paschal has tweeted it is happening but no one knows for sure how connected he is to the situation which has been handled in near complete secrecy by UNC AD Bubba Cunningham. What we do know is Bubba is in New York City along with many college football coaches and atheltic directors for the National Football Foundation awards dinner which, incidentally will be honoring Woody Durham as recipient of the Chris Schenkel Award for excellence in broadcasting. This event permitted Bubba and other ADs to talk to talk to as many coaches as possible and even make an offer in person. That is apparently what happened here with Larry Fedora.

Again, nothing is official until it is official. While there are some nice signs pointing in the right direction, until someone from UNC confirms the hire it is all speculation and nothing is ever a done deal until you have a public announcement as such.